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 Name Born Death Husband/Spouse Father Mother
 Bardy Angelique 1771 Giroux Jean-Baptiste
Martial Bardy Catherine Cote
 Bardy Augustin 1775 Juillet Charlotte
Martial Bardi Catherine Coste
 Bardy Celina 1830 Valin Pierre-Vincent
Pierre-Martial Bardy Marie-Soulanges Lefebvre
 Bardy Etienne-Martial 1796 Gobert Charlotte
Mathieu Bardy Louise Mallet
 Bardy Eva 06 Nov 1865 04 Jan 1915 Trottier Charles
Herbert Bardy Rosalie Gaudette
 Bardy Louis-Eusebe 24 Apr 1826 18 Jan 1870 Fauteux Louise-Emilie
Regnier Josephte
Pierre-Martial Bardy Marguerite Archambault
 Bardy Marie-Amable 1786 20 Jul 1854 Auger Joseph
Migneron Joseph
Martial Bardy Madeleine Borneuf
 Bardy Martial 1738 Cote Catherine
Mathieu Bardy Jeanne Clignan
 Bardy Mathieu 1772 Mallet Louise
Martial Bardy Catherine Cote
 Bardy Olive 1834 Parent Treffle
Augustin Bardy Marguerite Bousquet
 Bardy Pierre 1773 Cauchy Marie-Louise
Martial Bardy Catherine Cote
 Bardy Pierre-Martial 1797 07 Nov 1869 Archambault Marguerite
Lefebvre Marie-Soulanges
Pierre Bardy Marie-Louise Cauchy
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