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 Name Born Death Husband/Spouse Father Mother
 Badel Andre 07 Jun 1632 20 Feb 1711 Duchesne Barbe
Etienne Badel Perette Marmaute
 Badel Anne 1677 12 May 1742 Danis Jean
Andre Badel Barbe Duchesne
 Badel Etienne 1605 Marmaute Perette
 Badel Etiennette 10 Dec 1672 20 Mar 1695 Messaguier Hugues
Andre Badel Barbe Duchesne
 Badel Jean-Antoine 1740 Duclos Marie-Angelique
Jean-Antoine Badel Jeanne Liciniot
 Badel Jeanne 12 Jan 1680 22 Sep 1712 Monet Jean
Andre Badel Barbe Duchesne
 Badel Marie 1674 26 Jan 1738 Seguin Jacques
Andre Badel Barbe Duchesne
 Badel Marie-Anne 1768 Lamontagne Gabriel
Antoine Badel-Dufort Angelique Ducleau
 Badel Marie-Charlotte 12 Dec 1684 05 Jun 1711 Aumay Claude
Ayotte Jean-Baptiste
Andre Badel Barbe Duchesne
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