Biography James Duncan

Biography James Duncan

Census Found: 1831, 1861, 1881 Lives with daughter Margery
1871 - Where is he? - Maybe in St-Claire with his son James?

Arrived in Canada after 10 Jul 1828 and before 16 Dec 1830.
Witness at Baptism of Mary DOHERTY on 9 Jan 1831, she was born 16 Dec 1830.

Born 1798-1801.
DEATH: Formerly of Londonderry, Ireland. - But was he born there?

“My research indicates that the DUNCAN’s had farms in range 10 and range 9 of Frampton Township. This puts them in the area of St-Malachie that was known as the concession of Ballyporeen, which place name was derived from a location in County Tipperary, Northern Ireland. James DUNCAN served as a member of the school board.” - per Dennis McLane

Lovell’s Province of Quebec Directory for 1871:
A pleasant village and parish in the township of Frampton, county of Dorchester, district of Beauce. An extensive lumber business is carried on here. Distant from St. Claire 9 miles, from St. Joseph, the county town, 21 miles, from St. Henri 25 miles, from Quebec 33 miles. Mail daily. Population about 200. The post office is called East Frampton.
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