Raid of Deerfield in 1704

Image Memorial Hall Museum, Deerfield

Celebrated every 4 years only, the attack on the village of Deerfield in Massachusetts took place on February 29th, 1704. This history is not much known in French and in Quebec, however many Natives of Quebec rediscover their forefathers among the survivors of this event, called Raid of Deerfield

In commemoration of the 76th birthday we present the event and we add a list of the survivors who married with Canadians. To know more, please visit the links at the end of the article

History in short

In winter 1704, Jean-Baptiste Hertel, Sieur de Rouville leaves with 48 French soldiers and Canadians, accompanied by 200 to 250 Mohawk and Hurons, in rackets for Massachusetts to attack the village of Deerfield during the night of February 29th [1]. 41 Englishmen are killed and they return with 112 prisoners back to Canada. At least 20 persons die during this hard trip. More than 60 succeeded in going back to New England, sometimes against ransom. .

List of the prisoners who made roots in Quebec
  1. Ignace Raizenne (Josiah Rising) - Ancestor of the Raizenne Family
  2. John Stebbens, his son Joseph et 2 daughters (Abigail with Jacques Denoyon and Tnkful with Adrien Legrain dit Lavallée) make roots in Québec
  3. Thomas Hust
  4. Thomas French
  5. Elisabeth Price (married with Jean Fourneau Brindamour)
  6. Sarah Allen (married with Guillaume Lalonde)
  7. John Carter (becomes Jean Chartier, married with Marie Courtemanche dite Jolicoeur)
  8. Elisabeth Corse (married with Jean-Baptiste Dumontet and Pierre Monet)

For more information

[1] 29 February according New-England calendar. England introduced the calendar of Pope Gregory only in the night from 2 to 14 September 1752. New-France wrote alredy 12 of March instead of 29 February.

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