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Arbre généalogique famille:  Marois

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ID:  1237252
Georges-Auguste-Theophile Marois
Naissance:  19 fév 1853
Décès:  29 juin 1917
ID:  1237253
Clara McKenzie
Naissance:  15 mai 1852
Décès:  03 août 1916
ID:  1403267
Georges-Leon-Auguste Pinsonnault
Naissance:  09 mars 1833
Décès:  14 mai 1916
ID:  1403268
Marie-Zoe Faucher dit Châteauvert
Naissance:  17 mai 1843
Décès:  01 juin 1914
Fiche Personne principale
     Arbre généalogique Marie-Ange-Flore Marois PersonHistory  
ID No: 1237241
Prénom: Marie-Ange-Flore
Nom: Marois
surnom «Maisie»
Sexe: F
Naissance: 18 août 1885
Paroisse/ville: St-Romuald, Québec
Pays: Canada
Bapt./Source: 21 août 1885 à St-Romuald, Québec, Canada
Décès: 03 février 1972 - âge: 86
Paroisse/ville: St-Dominique, Québec, Québec
Pays: Canada
Inh./Source: Cimetière Notre-Dame-de-Belmont, Québec, Québec, Canada
source: JAP 1957 Jacques A Pinsonnault
Information, autres enfants, notes, etc.
Généalogie Marois Honoré-Joseph PINSONNAULT, n. 20/mai/1877 St.Jean-Baptiste Qc, m. 7/jan/1913 à Marie-Ange Marois (n. 18-aou-1885 St-Romuald Qc, fille de Théophile-Georges Marois et Clara McKenzie). HJP d. 15-nov-1946 Philadelphie USA, inh. Ste-Foy, cim. Belmont. Maisey MAM) d. 3-fév-1972 Qc inh. 5-fév-1972 cim Belmont
Mariage ou union de fait
Marie-Ange-Flore 28 ans & Honore-Joseph 36 ans
07 janvier 1913
St-Romuald, St-Romuald d'Étchemin, Lévis, Québec
Source: source: JAP 1957

ID No: 1237240
Prénom: Honore-Joseph
Nom: Pinsonnault
Sexe: M
Occupation: homme d'affaires
Naissance: 20 mai 1877
Paroisse/ville: St.Jean-Baptiste, Québec, Québec
Pays: Canada
Bapt./Source: 1877-05-21 à St-Jean Baptiste, Québec
source: Jacques A Pinsonnault 1957 petit-fils [Edmond Dominique 1926 fils]
Décès: 15 novembre 1946 - âge: 69
Paroisse/ville: Philadelphie
Pays: États-Unis USA
Inh./Source: Cimetière Notre-Dame-de-Belmont, Québec, Québec, Canada
source: JAP 1957
Information, autres enfants, notes, etc.
Généalogie Pinsonneault
Prominent figure in the financial and industrial spheres of the city of Quebec, Honoré-Joseph Pinsonnault engages in a diversity of enterprises. But his principal business identity is with the Dominion Corset Company Ltd., with offices at No. 45 Dorchester Street. He is a native of this city, and was born May 20, 1877, son of George-Leon and Zoë (Chateauvert) Pinsonnault, both of this province.

Mr. Pinsonnault secured his secondary academic instruction at the Christian Brothers’ School, Quebec, whence he graduated in 1893, at the age of sixteen years. His first position put him at once in the world of finance, as employee of La Banque du Peuple, Quebec, 1893-98. In 1898 he became an accountant for Neuville-Belleau and Company, of Quebec, and now began to extend his interests. It was in 1909 that he was elected secretary and treasurer of the Dominion Corset Company Ltd. He has held his dual Office through the years that have followed, down to the present (1928), always with fortune to the organization, whose prosperity has become greatly increased.

Mr. Pinsonnault is secretary and treasurer also of the Quebec Paper Box Company, Quebec, the Canada Corset Steel and Wire Company, Quebec, La Compagnie de Placements St. Georges. He is honorary treasurer of the Rotary Club of Quebec, in which organization he is active, is a charter member of and has been a very active member of the Knights of Columbus, adheres to the principles of the Conservatives, is Past President of the Lawn Bowling Club, Past President of the Quebec Curling Club, has introduced the curling sport amongst the French Canadian by succeeding in starting the organization of the first French Canadian Curling Club in Canada, Past President of the Union Commerciale of Quebec, and belongs to the Société des Arts-Sciences et Lettres, the Quebec Board of Trade and the Canadian Club of Quebec.

Mr. Pinsonnault married Marie-Ange Marois, daughter of George A. and Clara (McKenzie) Marois of St-Romuald.
source: JAP 1957

Enfants mariés de Marois Marie-Ange-Flore et/ou Pinsonnault Honore-Joseph
 Nom Naissance Décès Père Mère Époux(se)
 Zoe Pinsonnault 10 jan 1914 17 avr 1996 Honore-Joseph Pinsonnault Marie-Ange-Flore Marois Moissan Georges-Etienne
 Peter Pinsonnault 23 fév 1915 23 déc 1988 Honore-Joseph Pinsonnault Marie-Ange-Flore Marois Mewitt Nellie
 Robert Pinsonnault 21 juin 1917 17 fév 2004 Honore-Joseph Pinsonnault Marie-Ange-Flore Marois Turgeon Suzanne
 Dr.-Jean-Paul Pinsonnault **** **** Honore-Joseph Pinsonnault Marie-Ange-Flore Marois Lavoie Charlotte
 Edmond-D Pinsonnault **** **** Honore-Joseph Pinsonnault Marie-Ange-Flore Marois Vachon Gisele
 Renee Pinsonnault **** **** Honore-Joseph Pinsonnault Marie-Ange-Flore Marois Geoffrion Yves-Arthur
Enfants célibataires, anonymes, selon registres ou recensements   
 Nom Naissance Décès Père Mère
 Leo Pinsonnault 16 fév 1916 28 juil 1917 Honoré Joseph Pinsonnault Marie-Ange-Flore Marois
 Rita Pinsonnault **** **** Honoré Joseph Pinsonnault Marie-Ange Flore Marois
 Adrienne Pinsonnault **** **** Honoré Joseph Pinsonnault Marie-Ange Flore Marois
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