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Place names: uniformity?
Date: 2024-06-06 19:20:00


I have been attempting to 1) remove duplicates and 2) modernize, the list of over a thousand Canadian addresses that I have in my database.

I know that the adminstrators of this site can't control the place names and the various formats that people have entered. But is there some reason why many place names for events in this site have the villiage/town/city before the name of the parish/church rather than after as usually done?


Marriage: Montréal, Notre-Dame, Ville-Marie, Québec, Canada


Is there some cultural reason, perhaps, why many people do this? Usually you start with the specific and go to the general, like this:

“Notre-Dame Basilica pa, Ville-Marie bor, Montreal cty, Montreal reg, Québec, Canada”

(I sometimes add hints to the address to help me keep things straight.):

pa = parish; bor = borough; cty = city;  reg = region

Thanks for any help.


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