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John Smith et Louise Charlotte Tache
Date: 2018-02-27 21:23:00



I am (still) trying to determine the fates of John Smith and his wife Louise Charlotte Tache. John Smith was born in Legerwood, Scotland and fought in the Seven Years War in Quebec / French and Indian War with the 78th Fraser Highlanders. A 1790 marriage record of his daughter Charlotte Smith to Francois Lalue dit LaMontagne states that both parents are deceased. An 1800 marriage record of his daughter Elizabeth Smith to Francois Gagne states Louise Charlotte Tache is deceased and that John Smith is "actuellement" a marchand voyageur in Upper Canada. Ad-hoc guardianship records, making Francois LaMontagne guardian for the purpose of the wedding, state that Louise Charlotte Tache is dead, and that John Smith has been absent for more than 14 years. Meanwhile, I found this on Ancestry:

Library Edition: https://www.ancestrylibrary.com/interactive/3712/40939_307350-00438/28434

Canada: https://www.ancestry.ca/interactive/3712/40939_307350-00438/28434

USA: https://www.ancestry.com/interactive/3712/40939_307350-00438/28434

The timing of this John Smith's death fits with an absence of more than 14 years in 1800. This seems to  be a transcription, though, and John Smith has a signature. I was wondering if anyone might know if there are original copies of this to determine whether it's the same John Smith of Legerwood, Scotland?

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