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ID:  191664
Leon Bertrand
Born:  06 Aug 1823
Death:  16 Aug 1893
ID:  191665
Aglae Perrault
Born:  04 Jul 1823
Death:  25 Jun 1876
ID:  204540
Desire-Charles Maillet
Born:  15 May 1828
Death:  15 May 1863
ID:  204541
Sophie-Oliva Fortier
Born:  29 Jun 1831
Death:  1920
Record Principal Person
     Pedigree Louis Bertrand PersonHistory  
ID No: 191706
Firstname: Louis
Name: Bertrand
Gender: M
Born: 28 September 1850
Parish/City: St-Jacques-de-l'Achigan
Country: Canada
Bapt./Source: born
in Saint-Jacques-de-l'Achigan, Québec on September 28, 1850 and baptised the same day, m60793
Death: 02 July 1916 - Age: 65
Parish/City: Bradley, Kankakee
Country: United States USA
Burial/Source: Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths 1916-1947
Information, Other Kids, Notes, etc.
Marriage or Union
Louis 25 years &
Marie-Virginie-Adelphine 20 years
06 January 1876
Hercher, Illinois
United States USA

ID No: 191707
Firstname: Marie-Virginie-Adelphine
Name: Maillet
Gender: F
Born: 26 October 1855
Parish/City: Louiseville
Country: Canada
Bapt./Source: baptismal record (B-103)
Death: 05 January 1921 - Age: 65
Parish/City: Bradley, Kankakee, IL
Country: United States USA
Burial/Source: FS, S 8 janvier 1921, 65 ans
Information, Other Kids, Notes, etc.
l'information que je possède est à l'effet que Délina Mayette serait plutôt Marie-Virginie Adelphine Maillet née le 26 oct 1855 à Louiseville. (selon l'arbre de la famille St-Gelais sur

Fille de Désiré Charles Maillet et de Sophie-Ovila Fortier, Infos provenant de Sylvain Lacasse participant de NosOrigines

Married children of Bertrand Louis and/or Maillet Marie-Virginie-Adelphine
 Name Born Death Father Mother Husband/Spouse
 Georges Bertrand 09 Apr 1889 18 Sep 1962 Louis Bertrand Marie-Virginie-Adelphine Maillet Leduc Angeline
Bachelors, Spinsters, Anonymous, Children According Register or Census   
 Name Born Death Father Mother
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