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ID:  191706
Louis Bertrand
Born:  28 Sep 1850
Death:  02 Jul 1916
ID:  191707
Marie-Virginie-Adelphine Maillet
Born:  26 Oct 1855
Death:  05 Jan 1921
ID:  1416504
Ulric Leduc
Born:  01 Feb 1856
ID:  1416505
Clorinthe Deveau
Born:  27 Aug 1858
Death:  21 Dec 1935
Record Principal Person
     Pedigree Georges Bertrand PersonHistory  
ID No: 191704
Firstname: Georges
Name: Bertrand
Gender: M
Born: 09 April 1889
Parish/City: Goodrich, Kankakee, Illinois
Country: United States USA
Death: 18 September 1962 - Age: 73
Parish/City: Riverdale, Illinois
Country: United States USA
Burial/Source: obituary in The Pointer shows he died on the 18th and was buried in Assumption Catholic Cemetery in Glenwood, Illinois on September 26, 1962, m60793
Information, Other Kids, Notes, etc.
Marriage or Union
Georges 23 years & Angeline 17 years
02 July 1912
Bradley, Kankakee, Illinois
United States USA

ID No: 191705
Firstname: Angeline
Name: Leduc
Gender: F
Born: 13 December 1894
Parish/City: Ste-Anne-de-la-Pérade
Country: Canada
Bapt./Source: Rg B-73, 14 décembre 1894, née hier
Death: 14 September 1981 - Age: 86
Parish/City: Riverdale, Cook County, Illinois
Country: United States USA
Burial/Source: Jour du deces: 14 Sept. 1981 Cook County, Illinois File no. 52003 Cook County Genealogy Records (Deaths) in Chicago IL (H. Rainville)
Information, Other Kids, Notes, etc.
It appears that Angelina Joli was named in honour of Angeline Leduc

Married children of Bertrand Georges and/or Leduc Angeline
 Name Born Death Father Mother Husband/Spouse
 Rolland Bertrand 11 Jun 1923 08 Apr 1985 Georges Bertrand Angeline Leduc Gouwens Lois
Bachelors, Spinsters, Anonymous, Children According Register or Census   
 Name Born Death Father Mother
 Stella Bertrand 14 May 1916 25 Mar 2002 Georges Bertrand Angeline Leduc
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