Biographie Pombrio David

Biographie Pombrio David

David Pombrio eldest son of Joseph P. Pombrio and Matilde Bruso born on the 5th of January 1873 Sciota, New York. In 1892 he was listed as living at home it was some time after that that he left to find work in Nashua, New Hampshire in the mills. He most likely left with a group of other young men from the area for we find a strong connection between the families of Clinton County, New York and Nashua, New Hampshire. I can not determine the exact dates that he lived there, but we know that he was living in Barre, Vermont and working as a granite cutter in the quarries in 1898 when he married Addie Neddo (Nadeau). They were married on the 5th of October 1898 at St. Monica's Church in Barre. The pastor P. M. McKenna officiated at the nuptial Mass. 

The bride was born on the 22nd of October 1877 or the 13th of November 1876 in Mooers, New York. Though the 1877 date is widely accepted her baptism was recorded on March 18th 1877 at St. Anne's Mooers Forks, New York. Her Godparents were Joseph Desjardin and Henrietta Desjardin. 

Addie was the daughter of Philippe (Felix) Joseph Neddo (Nadeau ) and Emma (Amanda) Longway (Langlois). After losing her mother during the summer of 1888 at the young age of eleven her father would soon move the family from Ellenburg, New York to Barre, Vermont where he ran a blacksmith shop.

We know that Addie could read and write in English and it may have been the language of the household since all of the letters and postcards in my possession were written by her in English. We can also glean from one of the postcards home that the family supported a woman's Right to Vote. The postcard was sent by her son Lyles to his grandparents.

We can also determine that this was a typical French-Canadian household living in the northeastern United States at this time in history. English was beginning to replace French, schooling was becoming more important and the families were leaving the farms and heading to centers of industry such as Nashua, New Hampshire and Lowell, Massachusetts. 

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