Biographie Marc Beaubien

Biographie Marc Beaubien

Occupation: built and ran the Sauganash Tavern, Market St, Chicago (1826-1834) :415
operated Illinois Exchange hotel (1834-) :513
operated a ferry in Chicago :415
kept tavern, toll-gate, Illinois Plankroad, Naperville (1841-1854) :513
Illinois river lighthouse keeper (1854-1858) :513
keeper of Ford Dearborn Hotel, Chicago :513
owned a farm on Old Plank Road, 1 1/2 miles east of Naperville, Illinois :2456,p565
Residence: Chicago, Cook county, Illinois (1826-) :365
Kishwaukee, Winnebago county, Illinois :513
Chicago, Cook county, Illinois (Chicago River lighthouse, 1863-1881) :415

He came to Chicago from Detroit in 1826. :414
He purchased a log cabin from James Kinzie, built an addition, and opened it as a tavern and hotel. :446
Mark played the fiddle at his tavern, and the fiddle was displayed for many years at the Calumet Club in Chicago. :415
His tavern was at the present SW corner of Lake St. & Wacker Drive and the town of Chicago was incorporated there in 1833. :415
He bought 2 lots at corner of Lake & Market, Chicago in 1830. :414
“I play de fiddle like the devil and keep hotel like hell.” - Mark Beaubien :402
Mark was described as “a tall athletic fine appearing man, Frenchy and polite, frank, open-hearted, generous to a fault, and in his glory at a horse race”. :507
For a description of the social role of his hotel see “Wild Chicago” by Jacqueline Peterson :455
Granted $500 in treaty of 1833. :432
Signed a petition in Apr 1833 for a Catholic priest in Chicago. :447
He had a family of 12 in 1833. :447
He had 23 children by 2 or 3 wives. :402 :507
He was the last lighthouse keeper in Chicago, appointed by President Buchannan at a salary of $350. :507


Mark Beaubien’s tavern, Lisle, Illinois
Mark Beaubien’s tavern, Lisle, Illinois

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