Biographie Juliette Pontbriand

Biographie Juliette Pontbriand

 The following story was retold prior to 1967 by Gladys Lamondy Gould Demerioux in a letter to Audrey Pombrio Dragoon, it tells the story of the adoption of Julliette: 
"About the child that was given away. Mother's father had twin sisters. One named Louise but she doesn't remember the other ones name. Louise was married to Pisson (Passant) Jeannotte. When they were young they were poor and this women was well to do had lost a child recently, had begged the mother of the twins to let her have one of the girls and promised to take good care of [her]. They were Americans and the child was not brought up Catholic. When she became the age to make her First Communion her mother wanted her back but the lady refused to to give her back to her mother. They went to the law about it and the law told the parents that they either had to pay for the child's bored and room all the time this lady had her or if they could steal her, they could keep her. They did get a hold of her one day but the woman saw them and got a hold of the girl and nearly pulled her arm off. So the parents gave up, rather then hurt her. The child grew up and married a well to do man. Mother says she was a handsome woman" (Lamonday Letter, nd). 
Note: Felicite Louise (pictured in an earlier post) was not one of the twins. Jullianne died at age 16 and her twin Julliette who was given away married Stephen Chilton (6).


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