Biographie Joseph Lockwell

Biographie Joseph Lockwell

Source BANQ

Condamnation / Sentence

For having, on Monday last at the city of Quebec, privatly from the person of George Middleton 19 pieces of gold coin current in the province of Lower Canada, commonly called vingt francs, of the value of 15 pounds sterling, eight pieces of gold coin also current in the province of Lower Canada, commonly called half eagles, of the value of eight pounds sterling, and one piece of gold coin, commonly called a seven shilling piece, also current in Lower Canada, of the value of seven shilling sterling, of the monies of the said George Middleton, against the form of the statue in such case made and provided and against the peace.
Condamnation / Sentence On 1819-09-30, convicted by the Court of King's Bench of grand larceny, sentenced to be confine in the House of Correction and therein kept at hard labour for and during the space of 12 months, and at the expiration of his said imprisonment he be discharged.

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