Biographie Joseph Dulignon

Biographie Joseph Dulignon

After Hypolite Chauvin he entered into a marriage contract with Marie Catherine Frederic, d/o Jean Frederic and Marie Catherine DeBoulair of Traitac? and widow of Antoine Doza and before that Louis Riche, on 15 May 1758 with church ceremony on the 17th in Pointe Coupee, Louisiana.  After Catherine was buried 20 Nov 1766, he remarried to Jeanne Pottier in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. I know next to nothing about her

This summary was written by Gene Thibodeaux in 2011. I haven't confirmed anything in it I don't know what he means when he says "except for his baptism" because it appears to me EVEN in his baptism he used the name DeLaMirande.

"On June 22, 1743, Joseph de La Mirande received from the government of Québec a “Conge de Troit”, or passport to the interior. This document gave a “voyageur” permission to go into the wilds and trade with the Indians. Joseph’s party consisted of six men and one boat.

            Joseph went south and did more than just trade with the Indians. He would take the merchandise acquired from the Indians and illegally trade them in the Ohio River valley with the English. The goods thus gained were then sold in New Orleans. This was considered smuggling in those days and deLaMirande apparently did well at it.

            Joseph de La Mirande later became a planter in Louisiana. In the 1766 census of Pointe Coupée, he is listed as having ten children, five boys and five girls. At that time, he owned fourteen arpents of land and twenty-six slaves. According to the Opelousas census of 1796, he was domiciled in the Grand Prairie district. In his will, deLaMirande freed four mulatto children of his mulatresse slave, Babe: Judith, Lise, Kiequo and Zenon.

            Joseph’s actual surname was “du Lignon.” His family in Canada usually went by duLignon and sometimes added deLaMirande and a few times just used deLaMirande. For some reason, except for his baptism, Joseph is listed in records exclusively as deLaMirande."

D. Storz

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