Biographie Gerard Boucher

Biographie Gerard Boucher

On June 16, 1936, Gerard Boucher married Edna Remillard, in St. Albans, VT. Gerard worked as a meat cutter for Ferland's Market on Lake Street, St. Albans. He later owned Jerry's IGA also on Lake Street and built a new home on Russel Street. He sold Jerry's IGA and worked for a time for Homer Powell GE Appliances. He then opened his own Appliances Store on Federal Street selling Admiral Appliances.

In 1952, Gerard purchased the IGA Store in Higngate Center, VT, from Arthur Desorcie. At the time of his death in June 1954, he had an option of purchasing a new Ben Franklin Store, in a new shopping center in South Burlington, VT. Edna, his wife, continued to operate the grocery store in Highgate until 1959, when she sold the store to Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Nadeau of Highgate. Edna then moved back to St. Albans.

Laurent Boucher C.S.V. The Boucher Heritage   Montréal 1999 p 237

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