Biographie Charles-Barome Rochon

Biographie Charles-Barome Rochon

Charles Barome Rochon born in St. Augustin, QC on August 1, 1851 to parents: Andre Rochon and Zoe Gravel. Charles Barome married: Odile Brezeau of Prescott, Ontario and daughter of: Octave Brezeau and Ursule Titley on August 10, 1885 in parish of: St. Philippe, Argenteuil, QC and had 10 children:

*Joseph "Omer" Rochon (1886-1910)
*Joseph "Romeo" Rochon (1888--1945)
*Ernest Joseph Rochon (1890--)
*Marie Louise "Eva" Rochon Clement (1892-1987)
*Joseph Pierre "Eugene" Rochon (1895-1971)
* Renee-infant-1day-(1897-1897)
*Joseph "Nelson" Rochon (1898-1971)
*Charles Emile Alexandre August "Scotty" Rochon (1899-1993)
*Joseph "Henry" Rochon (1901-1983)
*Joseph "Eldage" Rochon (1904-1932)

Charles Baromee Rochon owned and operated the Bay City Hotel in Keewatin, Ontario from 1896-1925 at his death. Passed on the operation of the hotel to son Joseph Nelson and wife Mary Gladys Everett until 1941 when Nelson passed and hotel sold. 

Charles Baromee Rochon passed away on March 10, 1925 at the age of 73 years 7 months and 9 days. He was of the Roman Catholic Faith and attended St. Louise Roman Catholic Church in Keewatin, Ontario and contributed financially to the building of that church. His headstone reads:

"Charles Baromee Rochon
Died March 10, 1925
Aged 73 Years 7 Mos & 9 Days
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