Biographie Berthe Acher

Biographie Berthe Acher

"Berthe was born in Switzerland. Her father Francois was an artist and sculptor that traveled. Berthe Acher grew up in Montpelier Southern France.

Here are some stories that have been passed along by some of the grandchildren.

Berthe was engaged to a calvary soldier who was shot off his horse in WWI.
A few times in her life she had premonitions. One time she dreamt that her fiance the calvary soldier was shot on his horse at the same time that it actually happened.

After she married Ernest and had a family, another time Ernest and her and some of their children were in a car driving and it was dark and raining and she yelled out to stop the car. She knew something was wrong. When they got out of the car they saw they were headed for a cliff and would have gone over. Miquette was in the car but we don't know who else.

Berthe was a very quiet lady. Her husband Ernest would like to tease her.
One time while walking out of the food store parking lot, her slip fell.
I nice teenage boy who came up behind her after picking them up and said, "Did you
lose something?" She was mortified. At the time, her daughter Marthe was home
getting ready for a blind date, and heard all about it her mother returned.

Then there was a knock on the door. Marthe's blind date. Berthe again even more mortified to find Marthe's blind date to be the boy who handed her slip to her in the parking lot. " Site Family Tree Maker
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