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 Name Born Death Husband/Spouse Father Mother
 Vary Achille 1844 28 Feb 1899 Seguin Domitilde
Vallee Marie-Louise
Leon Vary Euphemie Marceau
 Vary Adrienne-Cordelie 20 Apr 1858 21 Sep 1944 Senecal Louis-Charles
Flavien Vary Adeline Fecteau
 Vary Agathe 1899 Jacques Rene
Aime Vary Maria Villers
 Vary Agnes-Ann 1848 Causley Silas
Thomas Vary Elizabeth Mary Adair
 Vary Aime 1868 Villers Maria
Flavien Vary Adéline Fecteau
 Vary Angelique 1815 Gervais Paul
Charles Vary Angélique Lamoureux
 Vary Antonio-Rene 11 May 1913 Senecal Marguerite-Gertrude
Vary Frédéric Hubert Alexandrine
 Vary Archibald 1843 28 Feb 1899 Seguin Marie
Leon Vary Euphemie Marceau
 Vary Archibald 20 Jun 1874 Campeau Zenophile
Archibald Vary Marie Seguin
 Vary Arthemise Oct 1850 16 Jun 1919 Seguin Joseph
Leon Vary Euphemie Marceau
 Vary Arthur 1865 Lalonde Edwidge
Joseph Vary Victoire Gervais
 Vary Edith 1899 Methot Jules-R.
Wilfrid Vary Rosilda Borduas
 Vary Etienne 29 Jan 1733 12 May 1811 Beauchamp Francoise
Ouimet Marie-Louise
Jean Vary Jeanne Niclas
 Vary Etienne 20 Aug 1765 26 Oct 1840 Robichaud Elisabeth
Tenault Josephte
Etienne Vary Francoise Beauchamp
 Mainville Etienne 12 Sep 1809 Cecire Julie
Etienne Vary Josephte Tenault
 Vary Flavien 1825 Fecteau Adeline
 Vary Gaston **** **** Campeau Lise
 Vary Gina **** **** Monette Martin
Jacques Vary
 Vary Gisele 1910 Boucher Louis-Philippe
Lionel Vary Yvonne Denis
 Vary Jean **** **** Sussmann Nathalie
Gaston Vary Lise Campeau
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