Genealogy Tree Family:  Packwood

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 Name Born Death Husband/Spouse Father Mother
 Packwood Edward 1826 1900 Vibert Mary-Ann
Jacob Packwood Lucy Hunt
 Packwood Jacob 1791 1863 Hunt Lucy
John Packwood Anna Schuerman
 Packwood John 1757 24 Dec 1791 Schuerman Anna
 Packwood John 1787 1875 Bond Elizabeth
John Packwood Anna Schuerman
 Packwood John **** **** Belisle Nicole
 Packwood Malvina 02 Nov 1860 Marin Victor
Mark Packwood Rachel O'Connors
 Packwood Marcelle **** **** Beaulieu Edgar
 Packwood Yves 05 Mar 1911 11 Mar 1977 Boulet Helene
George Packwood Lucie Ste-Croix
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