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 Name Born Death Husband/Spouse Father Mother
 Badger Carol-Ann **** **** Tremblay Stephan
Clifford Badger Shirley Maughan
 Badger Daniel-Austin 18 Feb 1869 15 Feb 1942 Kenneson Winnie
Labounty Hattie-H.
Luxford Hattie-A.-Smith
Ramsdell Nettie-Brown
Stevenson Fannie-H.
 Badger Elisabeth 1831 Laine Joseph
James Badger Henriette Boiselle
 Badger Hazel-Mary 14 Oct 1905 25 Sep 1988 Arnold Victor
Villeneuve Fabien
Daniel-Austin Badger Hattie-H. Labounty
 Badger Henriette 1823 Leger Antoine
James Badger Henriette Vocelle
 Badger Honore 1827 Carrier Marie
James Badger Henriette Vocelle
 Badger James 1803 Vocelle Henriette
William Badger Marguerite Brown
 Badger Robert-Bruce 12 Mar 1911 Jacques Frances-Claire
 Badger Roland-A. 1905 Wright Irene
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