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ID:  37669
Claude-Nicolas Delorimier
Born:  20 May 1705
Death:  15 Dec 1770
ID:  37670
Marie-Louise Lepailleur
Born:  12 Apr 1705
Death:  14 Dec 1778


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     Pedigree Claude-Nicolas Delorimier PersonHistory  
ID No: 871683
Firstname: Claude-Nicolas
Name: Delorimier
Gender: M
Born: 04 September 1744
Parish/City: Lachine
Country: Canada
Death: 05 June 1825 - Age: 81
Parish/City: Kahnawake
Country: Canada
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Genealogy Delorimier S 7 juin 1825 prdh union

Wikipedie en:
Claude-Nicolas-Guillaume de Lorimier was born in Lachine, Quebec, Canada in 1744. He was the son of Claude-Nicolas de Lorimier de La Rivière, and served as a junior officer when the British took control of New France. Lorimier aided the British in recruiting native warriors during the American Revolution and took part in the defence of Fort St Johns (later Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu). He was wounded during an expedition led by Major-General John Burgoyne into New York state in 1776.

In 1783, following his service during the American Revolution as one of the leading officers of "British Indian" warriors, he married an Iroquois woman by the name of Marie-Louise Schuyler and the couple moved to Kahnawake, where he became resident agent. Shuyler died in 1790. Claude was elected to the 1st Parliament of Lower Canada for Huntingdon in 1792. In 1793, Lorimier married Marie-Madeleine-Claire, the daughter of seigneur Joseph Brassard Deschenaux.

In 1801, Claude re-married a third time, this time to Iroquois woman and Kahnawake resident Anne Skaouennetsi (also known as McGregor or Gregory) with whom he had four children, including Antoine-George de Lorimier. Claude served as resident captain for the Iroquois forces at Caughnawaga during the War of 1812 and fought at the Battle of Châteauguay. One of his sons, Guillaume-François, was killed at the Battle of Crysler's Farm, and another, Jean-Baptiste de Lorimier, was wounded at the Battle of Beaver Dams. Lorimier was named deputy superintendent of the Embodied Indian Warriors in 1814. He died in Kahnawake in 1825
Marriage or Union
Claude-Nicolas 39 & Marie-Louise 23
26 June 1783

Source: prdh dictionnaire et union

ID No: 871684
Firstname: Marie-Louise
Name: Kellek
Gender: F
Born: 1760 estimation
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